Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate YV 1055

We are a noted manufacturer of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate for our highly respected clients. It is fabricated by dow autoclave high weight handle and intended for mixture of expulsion covering application, such as warm film (laminex film) and adaptable film, etc. Ethylene Vinyl Acetate stands high on processability and affirmation, as tested by our professionals of variegated parameters. It stands in conformity with the U. S. FDS regulation 21 cfr 177. 1350 (a)(1), hence demanded in both domestic as well as overseas markets.


  • These are typical properties : not to be construed as specification.
  • The value for this property is dependent on part geometry and fabrication conditions.
  • Elemental analyzer and ft-ir
  • Melt temperature : 230℃, line speed : 100 m/min., output : 80 kg/hr
  • Layer structure : pet(50 )/ldpe(25 )/eva 1159(25) time/pressure of sealing : 0 sec. /2 kg/cm2
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