Petroleum Resin Importer in India

Established in 1975, Yuen Liang is a manufacturer of hydrocarbon resins, which are used for making a variety of products, including paints, rubber goods, adhesives and printing ink.

The focus of the corporation is on sustainable, long-term growth in new product innovation and a continuous improvement of the customer service levels.

Suggested Application


In the production of Anti-corrosive coating, Alkyd Enamel and Vanish, widely used in the vehicles, ships, and bridges.


In the production of rubber for shoe, inner tube and tire.

SOFTENING POINT, (R&B) 0C) 100 ±5 (ASTM E28)
Color, Gardner, 50% resin solids in toluene 15 Max (ASTM D1544)
Bromine Number, Br cg/g 40 Max (ASTM D1159)
Acid Value, KOH mg.g 0.1 Max (ASTM D664)
Specific Gravity 1.05~1.10 (ASTM D7)

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