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SOL T 6302 Styrene- Butadiene Block Copolymer

Europrene’c SOL I 6302 is a linear block copolymer obtatneci by aniDnif polymerisation_ The polymer is based on styrene and butadiene, where bound styrene is 30 % wt. A non-staining antioxidant system is added during the production process.

Key Features:

Europreneg SOL I 6302 is a linear block copolymer, providing excellent mechanical properties, high strength and elasticity, combined vvith good dispersability and processability.

Main Applications:

Used in bitumen modification, particularly in road paving applications, in compounding for both footwear and technical goods, and in adhesive applications.

Physical Form:

Eurivrene’ SQL T 6302 is produced in Ravenna Plant (Italy), in pellet form (G).


Available in bags on pallet, big bags and wooden crates. For detailed information, please refer to your versalis representative .

Storage Conditions :

Store the preparabon in a covered place in sealed packaging, away from sunlight and heat sources, Ensure the proper ventilation in all storage areas.

Shelf life: Pellet form (G) : 18 months

Please consult the relevant safety data sheet for more detailed information. The information and data presented herein are to the best of our knowledge true and accurate, but no warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, is made nor is any liability accepted with respect to the use of such information and data.

PROPERTIES Test Method Unit Typical Value
Specific Gravity ASTM D 792 g/cc 0.94
Tensile strength ASTM D 412 MPa 20.0
Elongation at break ASTM D 412 % 750
300% Modulus ASTM D 412 MPa 2.5
Hardness ASTM D 2240 Sh A 80
Melt Flow Index ASTM D 1238 g/10min <1
Brookfield Viscosity ASTM D 1084 Pa.s 4.0

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