Petroleum Resin Importer in India

YL-90 Hydrocarbon Resin

Established in 1975, Yuen Liang is a manufacturer of hydrocarbon resins, which are used for making a variety of products, including paints, rubber goods, adhesives and printing ink.
The focus of the corporation is on sustainable, long-term growth in new product innovation and a continuous improvement of the customer service levels.

HYDROCARBON RESIN YL-90 is a low molecular weight, pale yellow thermoplastic resin, produced from petroleum-derived monomers.

Suggested Application

1.Hot melt adhesives:

In the production of hot melt adhesive offers a quick clean way to bond a wide variety of Materials from wood, metal and glass to hard-to-bond plastics and vinyl.


In the production of rubber for shoe, inner tube and tire


In the production of paint and varnish.

4.Outstanding Characteristics:

It is soluble or dispersible in aromatic hydrocarbons, esters and chlorinated solvents. It is only partially in ketone and insoluble in glycols and water.


25 kgs PE woven cloth laminated with kraft paper bag 500 kgs jumbo bag


Indoor storage is strongly recommended..

Storage at temperatures above 30°C should be avoided.

All information showed in this data sheet is based on careful examinations and investigations. We cannot assume any responsibility in connection with the individual use of our products, nor do we warrant against any loss or damages directly caused by the individual use of our products.

Softening Point,(R&B), °C 100±5 (ASTM E28)
Color, Gardner,50% resin solids in toluene 6 Max (ASTM D1544)
Bromine Number, Br cg/g 25 Max (ASTM D1159)
Acid Value, KOH mg.g 0.1 Max (ASTM D664)
Specific Gravity, @25°C 1.05~1.10 (ASTM D71)

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